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Taperlock Cylindrical Plug Gages

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Taperlock Cylindrical Plug Gages

  • Taperlock plug gages check large diameters
  • Gage members can be quickly changed in the handle
  • Taperlock design provides added holding strength necessary for intermediate size ranges during gaging
  • Class XXX, XX, X, Y and Z in steel and chrome
  • Available with GO and NOGO members
  • Precision hand lapped to a 3 micro inch finish to provide superior accuracy and optimum finish
  • Manufactured to the high end of the ANSI specifications to provide maximum wearability
  • Final inspection of gages is completed in an environmentally controlled ISO 17025 laboratory
  • Designed for size ranges from .105” to 1.150”
  • Free NIST certificate of accuracy

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Steel Chrome
Size Class Member Item # Price Sale Price Item # Price Sale Price
.1051-.150XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-1XX$65.00$59.00CTLCI-1XX$85.00$77.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-1XX$141.00$129.00CTLCIDE-1XX$181.00$164.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-1X$49.00$45.00CTLCI-1X$65.00$58.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-1X$110.00$100.00CTLCIDE-1X$140.00$127.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-1Y$47.00$43.00CTLCI-1Y$62.00$56.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-1Y$106.00$97.00CTLCIDE-1Y$134.00$122.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-1Z$47.00$43.00CTLCI-1Z$62.00$56.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-1Z$106.00$97.00CTLCIDE-1Z$134.00$122.00
.1501-.230XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-2XX$65.00$59.00CTLCI-2XX$85.00$77.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-2XX$141.00$129.00CTLCIDE-2XX$181.00$164.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-2X$49.00$45.00CTLCI-2X$65.00$58.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-2X$110.00$100.00CTLCIDE-2X$140.00$127.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-2Y$48.00$44.00CTLCI-2Y$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-2Y$108.00$98.00CTLCIDE-2Y$137.00$125.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-2Z$48.00$44.00CTLCI-2Z$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-2Z$108.00$98.00CTLCIDE-2Z$137.00$125.00
.2301-.365XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-3XX$65.00$59.00CTLCI-3XX$85.00$77.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-3XX$140.00$128.00CTLCIDE-3XX$180.00$163.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-3X$49.00$45.00CTLCI-3X$65.00$58.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-3X$109.00$99.00CTLCIDE-3X$139.00$126.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-3Y$48.00$44.00CTLCI-3Y$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-3Y$107.00$97.00CTLCIDE-3Y$136.00$124.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-3Z$48.00$44.00CTLCI-3Z$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-3Z$107.00$97.00CTLCIDE-3Z$136.00$124.00
.3651-.510XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-4XX$67.00$61.00CTLCI-4XX$88.00$79.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-4XX$144.00$132.00CTLCIDE-4XX$185.00$168.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-4X$50.00$46.00CTLCI-4X$66.00$59.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-4X$111.00$101.00CTLCIDE-4X$142.00$129.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-4Y$48.00$44.00CTLCI-4Y$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-4Y$107.00$97.00CTLCIDE-4Y$136.00$124.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-4Z$48.00$44.00CTLCI-4Z$63.00$57.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-4Z$107.00$97.00CTLCIDE-4Z$136.00$124.00
.5101-.825XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-5XX$71.00$65.00CTLCI-5XX$93.00$84.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-5XX$153.00$139.00CTLCIDE-5XX$196.00$178.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-5X$57.00$51.00CTLCI-5X$74.00$67.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-5X$123.00$113.00CTLCIDE-5X$158.00$143.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-5Y$54.00$48.00CTLCI-5Y$70.00$63.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-5Y$117.00$107.00CTLCIDE-5Y$150.00$136.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-5Z$54.00$48.00CTLCI-5Z$70.00$63.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-5Z$117.00$107.00CTLCIDE-5Z$150.00$136.00
.8251-1.135XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-6XX$75.00$67.00CTLCI-6XX$97.00$88.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-6XX$160.00$146.00CTLCIDE-6XX$205.00$186.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-6X$59.00$53.00CTLCI-6X$77.00$69.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-6X$129.00$117.00CTLCIDE-6X$164.00$149.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-6Y$55.00$49.00CTLCI-6Y$71.00$64.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-6Y$120.00$110.00CTLCIDE-6Y$153.00$139.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-6Z$55.00$49.00CTLCI-6Z$71.00$64.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-6Z$120.00$110.00CTLCIDE-6Z$153.00$139.00
1.1351-1.510XXGO / NOGOCTLSI-7XX$77.00$69.00CTLCI-7XX$100.00$90.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-7XX$165.00$151.00CTLCIDE-7XX$212.00$192.00
XGO / NOGOCTLSI-7X$61.00$55.00CTLCI-7X$80.00$72.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-7X$134.00$122.00CTLCIDE-7X$171.00$155.00
YGO / NOGOCTLSI-7Y$59.00$53.00CTLCI-7Y$77.00$69.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-7Y$130.00$118.00CTLCIDE-7Y$165.00$150.00
ZGO / NOGOCTLSI-7Z$59.00$53.00CTLCI-7Z$77.00$69.00
DOUBLE ENDCTLSIDE-7Z$130.00$118.00CTLCIDE-7Z$165.00$150.00

Taperlock plug gages are used to gage large diameters. Cylindrical taperlock plug gages are manufactured per ANSI/ASME B47.1 AGD standard and ANSI/ASME B89.1.5 standards. Taperlock style gages can be quickly changed by popping out the gage member and press fitting a new member into the handle. The taperlock gage is so-called because of the tapered shank, which locks into the tapered hole in the end of the handle. This design provides added holding strength necessary for intermediate size ranges during gaging.

The taperlock gage is the time honored standard of the American Gage Design Committee for gages up to 1 ½ inches in diameter. Gages are ring lapped to size and hand polished providing for superior accuracy and ensuring maximum gage wearability. Gage makers tolerance will be applied plus on the GO member and minus on the NO GO member unless otherwise specified.

Taperlock plug gages are available with GO and NOGO members in Class XXX, XX, X, Y and Z and manufactured to American Gage Design (AGD) standards. Available in steel, chrome or carbide in sizes from .105” – 1.150”. Special features such as depth notches, special lengths, air flats, easy entry pilots, whistle notches, radius, and chamfers are priced on request. WESTport Gage provides a Certificate of Accuracy, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), free of charge with every gage.

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