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Rockwell Hardness Calibration Sets

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Rockwell Hardness Calibration Sets

  • Provides superior accuracy in validating hardness testers
  • Master test blocks and Master indenter used to calibrate the set
  • Highest quality steel and brass
  • Test blocks are hand lapped and polished to a mirror finish
  • Calibrated in state of the art ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratory
  • ISO 6508
  • Manufactured in accordance to the latest Rockwell E18 Revision
  • Luxurious velvet case

Part # Description Price Sale Price
CSA1 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - A Scale $786.00 $747.00
CSB1 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - B Scale $732.00 $695.00
CSC1 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - C Scale $786.00 $747.00
CSN1 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - 15N Scale $604.00 $546.00
CSN2 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - 30N Scale $604.00 $546.00
CSN3 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - 45N Scale $604.00 $546.00
CST1 Rockwell Master Calibration Set - 30T Scale $604.00 $546.00

Rockwell master calibration sets provide the highest level of accuracy and are the most inexpensive solution for you. Master Calibration sets are the ultimate tool in Quality Control. Each set contains the test blocks and the actual master diamond indenter or carbide ball penetrator that was used to calibrate them. As a result of matching the hardness test blocks to a specific indenter or penetrator, a set relationship is established. This eliminates them as potential variables in the hardness test system. Should a problem arise, a master calibration set should be on hand to allow you to quickly and accurately determine whether your hardness tester is the source.

Rockwell master calibration sets are also useful when a comprehensive scale range is required for hardness testing machine verification. In addition they are extremely valuable in situations where a more precise level of tester verification and performance evaluation may be needed based on your quality requirements. Calibration sets provide the highest degree of uniformity and accuracy when validating your hardness testing machines.

Each test block in our calibration sets has been calibrated on a hardness tester whose accuracy has been verified using N.I.S.T. traceable load and depth measuring devices. The test blocks are made from only the highest quality material to ensure complete uniformity and repeatability. They are hand lapped and polished to a mirror finish.

Each test block is calibrated and marked with its own unique serial number along with the serial number of the indenter or penetrator in the calibration set that they were produced with. Each set comes in its own luxurious case complete with the latest test block certification requirements from ASTM and NIST, providing you with the most comprehensive calibration test block set available.

Master calibration sets are calibrated to meet American and International standards at the WESTport ISO / IEC 17025 accredited hardness calibration laboratory.

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