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Rockwell Hardness Tester Anvils

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Rockwell Hardness Tester Anvils

  • V (Vee) anvils are used for cylindrical shaped rods or tubing
  • Pedestal spot anvils are used for testing small parts and sheet metal where little support is required
  • Flat anvils are primarily used primarily for small and large test specimens that are flat
  • Anvil, Cylindron (Roller Anvil) is designed to support cylindrical work
  • Diamond spot anvils are recommended for supporting thin, soft sheet metal
  • Eyeball anvils are designed for test pieces with slight tapers
  • Gooseneck anvils are primarily used for testing the outside diameter of thin-wall tubing
  • Variable rests (extension rest) are used for supporting long pieces
  • ISO 6508
  • Manufactured in accordance to Rockwell Revision; E18-07

***Please specify the tester type and model with your order

Part # Description Price Sale Price
R01 1-1/2 Flat Anvil $147.00 $133.00
RA11 Eyeball Anvil $473.00 $428.00
RA6 Pedestal 1/4 Inch Stem Raised Spot Anvil $142.00 $128.00
RA5 Pedestal 1/2 Inch Stem Raised Spot Anvil $163.00 $147.00
RA10 Diamond Spot Anvil $719.00 $651.00
R07 1-1/2 V Anvil $231.00 $209.00
RA3 Shallow V (Vee) 1/2 inch stem Anvil $175.00 $166.00
RA8 8 Inch Flat Anvil $750.00 $650.00
RA9 Cylindron (Roller) Anvil $373.00 $337.00
RA12 Gooseneck Anvil $1,034.00 $936.00
RA1 Standard V (Vee) 1/2 inch stem Anvil $236.00 $214.00
RA2 Shallow V (Vee) 1/4 inch stem Anvil $268.00 $242.00
RA4 Pedestal Spot 1 inch stem Anvil $242.00 $219.00
RA7 2 1/2 inch Flat Anvil $158.00 $143.00
RA13 Variable Rest - (Extension Rest); Size 8 $1,034.00 $936.00

Why is it important to use an Anvil?

Anvils help ensure accurate test results by supporting the test specimen during the application of the major load during a hardness test. Rockwell anvils are compatible with most Rockwell hardness testers. Contact our customer service department or your sales representative with any compatibility concerns with your tester(s)

What happens if I don’t use the proper anvil for my test specimen?

Just one regular Rockwell hardness number represents a vertical movement of the penetrator of only 0.002mm, or 80 millionths of an inch (0.000080 inch) One superficial Rockwell number represents a vertical movement of 40 millionths of an inch (0.000040 inch). A vertical shift of the part being tested of only 0.001 in. will lower the Rockwell reading by more than 10 numbers on the regular and 20 numbers on the superficial scale.

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