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Gage Pin Library Set Class X

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Meyer Gage Pin Library Set - Class X

  • English gages with .0001" limit
  • Centerless lapped
  • Surface finish 8 microfinish or better
  • Heat treated to a hardness of 60-62 Rockwell C
  • Boxes and gages both marked
  • Size and serial number laser etched on each piece (M-O not etched)
  • Material: 52100 Bearing Steel
  • No sharp edges
  • Members 2” long
  • Gages are traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • FREE NIST certificate of accuracy

  • Checking locations
  • Measuring hole sizes and depth
  • GO & NO/GO gaging
  • Setting micrometers
  • Checking distances between holes

Part# Product Name Size # of pcs Price Sale Price
L-CX .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set .011 to .750 740 gages $5,805.00 $5,515.00
L-1X .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set .061 to .750 690 gages $5,383.00 $5,114.00
L-2X .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set .061 to .5005 880 gages in .0005 increments $5,291.00 $5,026.00
L-2CX .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set .011 to .5005 980 gages in .0005 increments $6,050.00 $5,748.00
L-3X .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set .061 to 1.000 940 gages. Consists of two four-drawer cabinets $9,094.00 $8,639.00
L-4X .00004 Class X Gage Pin Library Set 011 to 1.000 990 gages Consists of two four-drawer cabinets. $9,453.00 $8,980.00

Meyer Class Z and Class X plain pin gages, gage pin sets and gage pin libraries and are all offered at our everyday low price guarantee.

A gage pin is used to make quick and accurate measurements for GO/NOGO fixed limit gaging and are economically priced. Calculate distances between holes, gage slot widths, set micrometers, snap gages and measure the size and depth of a hole with a gage pin that's available in both english and metric sizes. each gage pin is two inches long and come with the size and serial number laser etched on each piece. The gage pin material is 52100 bearing steel heat treated to Rockwell C 60-62 with an 8 microfinish or better. Size deviation is .0001” and roundness geometry is .00005”.

A closer gage pin tolerance (.0001) provides for more accuracy than the competitors Class ZZ pin sets; an industry exclusive manufactured by the worldwide leader in gage pins, Meyer Gage. Gages are available in plus or minus tolerances. Sizes range from .011” to 1.000” English and .21mm to 25.41mm Metric. All gage pin and library sets are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

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