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Hand Tool Calibration and Repair

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FVM and Twin Pines Metrology, divisions of WESTport Corporation have compiled an inventory list of over 10,000 common part numbers. We are master distributors for every major tool manufacturer worldwide so if by chance we don’t have a part in stock, you can rely on us to turn it around to you in a timely manner. Our experienced team of engineering professionals also teaches classes on hand tool repair and calibration that can be scheduled through our provisioning team.

When your instrument comes into our ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, the following process occurs:

1. Gage will be thoroughly cleaned
2. Gage will be inspected and evaluated
3. If repair is needed, we will contact you with a quotation for repair
4. Upon approval, we will repair and calibrate
5. Level 4 certification is included
6. 1-3 day turnaround

Hand Tool Calibration and Repair
Air Columns Cylinder Gages Holtest Gages
Amplifiers Depth Micrometers Indicator/Bore Calibrators
Brown & Sharpe Dial Calipers Indicators(Dial, Digital, Test, Co-Ax)
Anvils Dial Depth Gages Inside Micrometers
Bench Mics/Setting Fixtures Dimensionair Miracle Point
Bench Centers Gage Blocks Outside Micrometers
Bench Micrometers Groove Gages Pitch Micrometers
Bore Gages Height Gages(Dial, Digital, Vernier) Snap Gages
Calipers Height Riser Thickness Gage
Chamfer Check Gagesr Height Set Masters Wall Thickness Gages


Brinell Hardness Testers Microscopes Surface Plates
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) Optical Comparators Vision Measuring Systems
Micro Hardness Testers Rockwell Hardness Testers  


Manufacturers Serviced
Blake Genex Optical Gaging
Blanchette/Sheffield Hamilton SPI
Brown & Sharpe Helios ST
Chatillon Interapids Starrett
Comptor Gage J&L Tumico
Deltronic Mahr-Federal Vermont Precision
Etalon Micracle Point Webber
Flexbar MicroVue And more...
Fowler Mitutoyo  
Gage Master Mueller  

S-T Industries 23-0083 Series Universal Gage Lapping Machine

We are equipped with an S-T Industries 23-0083 Series universal gage lapping machine. With this machine, flatness and parallel can be repaired on your micrometers, calipers and snap gages for a cost much more reasonable than new. Learn More

Glastonbury Depth Mikemaster

The Glastonbury Depth Mikemaster is a master gage with a .5 inch-5.5 inch range used to calibrate different types of depth gages. Learn More

Indicator Calibrator

Mounts on Dial Indicator Calibrator to provide calibration of Brown & Sharpe BesTest and other test type indicators. Attachment is adjustable to accommodate different sizes and mounting types. Learn More

Optical Flats

The Mitutoyo Optical Flats we use provide flatness and parallel readings on various measuring surfaces. Learn More

Complete Illustrated Parts Breakdown Software

The Starrett & Mitutoyo Complete Illustrated Parts Breakdown Software allows us to easily ascertain part numbers for all of the measuring tools we use or calibrate from these two companies. Learn More

WESTport Manufactured Products. 24th Anniversary Servicing Industry Worldwide (1989-2013)