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Field Service Calibration

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FVM and Twin Pines Metrology, a division of WESTport Corporation has an extensive fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles and offers you the advantage of onsite calibration. This reduces any potential downtime at your facility by not having to send your gages or tools out for calibration or repair. Our technicians come fully equipped with laptop computers and printers. This allows us to print out your certifications at the time of calibration rather than mailing them at a later date as is the standard practice of most calibration laboratories.

Customers sometimes have the misconception that onsite calibration service will cost more than regular “ship-in” service. Time consuming packaging and freight cost can offset the cost of traveling to your facility. Our team of experienced quote specialists will provide a comprehensive price quote for any onsite calibration work to be preformed in North America.

The Advantages of Onsite Calibration:
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Calibrations and Certifications issued the same day
  • Minimizes the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments
  • Eliminates instrument down time and the need for duplicates
  • Minimizes any interruptions to your manufacturing process
  • Engineer on-site to answer any questions immediately
  • No questions as to where your instruments are or when they will be returned
  • Calibration services can be done all at once or scheduled throughout the year
  • No shipping costs
  • No delays in waiting for gages or tools to be returned
  • Saves time and money

The entire on-site calibration services process is handled by our on-site coordinators who will assist you from scheduling to document delivery. They will assign the appropriate field service calibration technicians and answer all your questions regarding your instruments.

We will also provide our industry award winning Gage Management software free of charge. View, print and manage all of your calibration certifications online and never have to search for a certificate or calibration due date again. Click here to register now for our Gage Management Online program.

Please contact one of our calibration consultants who will gladly assist you in determining the best onsite calibration service solution that will fit your needs.

Field Service Calibration and Repair
Autoclaves Electronic Indicators Scales
Balances/Scales Environmental Chambers Inside Micrometers Snap Gages
Bore Gages ESD Stations Installation of DRO units Spectrophotometers
Calipers (all types) Feeler Gages Masterdiscs 0-4" Mechanical Surface Plates (calibration and lapping)
Centrifuges Fiber Optics Optical Comparators Temperature & Chamber Profiling
CMM’s Force/Torque Outside Micrometers Thread Plug Gages 0-4"
Cylindrical Pins Fume Hoods Pitch Micrometers Thread Setting Plug Gages 0-4"
Cylindrical Plugs 0-4" Hardness Testers Rectifiers Torque Calibration
Depth Micrometers Height Gages RF Electronics Vacuum Gages
Dimensional Incubators Room Temperature Mapping Video Machines


  • Send a list of instruments to be calibrated and a PO number to WESTport - FVM Calibration Laboratory. Your documentation is required to ensure you obtain the correct service and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994
  • Call 1-888-400-4243 to schedule your onsite calibration with one of our service coordinators. Select the combination of technical expertise and days that are best for you

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CDI MULTITEST Torque, Force and Angle Tester

  • Automatic sensor recognition with "Smart" transducers
  • Range: 15 in. oz. to 2000 ft. lb. torque (bi-directional)
  • Total Uncertainty (10% to 100% of range): +/- 0.25% of indicated value (torque)
  • Two alphanumeric displays
  • Memory to 3,000 values
  • Built in low profile serial printer
  • Date and time stamp for stored values
  • Statistical analysis performed on stored data
  • Programmable manual or automatic options for clear, store and print functions
  • Recall and review of stored torque values
  • Track, Peak, First Peak, Power Tool and Angle Modes
  • RS-232C port Standard
  • Eight Torque measurement units: in. oz., in. lb., ft. lb., Nm, dNm, cNm, mkg and cmkg.
  • Full digital circuitry
  • Analog output standard
  • Automatic lock-up for transducer protection
  • Automatic zero
  • Operates on 120 or 220VAC
  • Six Force units: Ounce, Pound, Newton, DecaNewton, Kilopound (kilogram) and Gram

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  • Large LCD Graphical Display
  • 10 Transducers available from 15 in-oz - 2000 ft-lb/ Torque
  • Four Built in Languages
  • All transducers are "Smart" (Plug and Play)
  • Accuracy is +/- 0.25% of indicated value
  • Analog Output
  • Dual RS-232 Ports
  • Readout in Eight different Engineering units
  • Stores and recalls 3000 torque values (Date & Time)
  • Fully automatic voltage input adaptation
  • SPC Built-in
  • Data is saved when SURETEST is turned off
  • Automatic Downloading
  • Date and Time Stamp

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Acu-Rite Glass Scale

Glass scale technology is the industry standard and is preferred worldwide for position feedback. For nearly four decades, ACU-RITE's precision glass scale technology has proven its superior reliability through consistent accuracy and durability.

Glass is an inherently stable material that resists changes in size, shape or density due to variations in temperature or humidity. This stability allows for the generation of numerous ultra-fine line patterns; providing ACU-RITE precision glass scales with exceptional accuracy down to ±1.5 µm (.00006").

ACU-RITE scales are available in travel lengths from 1"-773" and in resolutions from 0.5µm (.00002") to 10µm (.0005"). Learn More

Taylor Hobson Talyvel Electronic Level

  • Quick, accurate and simple setting to gravity or measurement of level
  • Unrivalled accuracy of 0.2arc second over the centre measuring region
  • RS232 and analogue output from the display unit

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Druck DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator

  • Ranges -14.7 through 10,000 psi
  • Accuracy 0.025% FS all ranges
  • Integral combined pressure/vacuum pump
  • Dual readout: input and output
  • 4 to 20 mA loop test: auto step and ramp
  • Data storage with RS 232 interface

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