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WESTport Corp.

Dimensional Inspection Calibration and Repair

FVM and Twin Pines Metrology, divisions of WESTport Corporation offer full dimensional inspection capabilities using all DCC machines with PH10 heads and the latest software and technology. We also have a DCC Video machine which allows us to inspect by non-contact, which increases our field of inspection.

Our trained metrologists provide expert calibration for all types of precision dimensional standards. Our environmentally-controlled laboratories offer a wide range of dimensional capabilities from automated gage block calibration to precise length measurement

Metrology laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. Quality Assurance Program meets ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.All calibrations come with Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST. Gage block calibration service is NVLAP accredited.

Some areas we specialize in
1-2-3 Block Feeler Gage Parallels Sieves
Angle Plates First Article Inspection PI Tapes Sine Bars
Angle Block Gage Blocks Pin Gage Sine Plates
Bench Blocks Hardness Testers Pin Gage Sets Squares, All types
Bench Micrometer Height Gage Pin Gage, Deltronic Steel Rules
Bore Gages Height Gages . Plain Ring Gages Surface Plates
Cable Height Master Profilometers & Standards Surface Tester
Caliper/Vernier Hole Gages Protractor Tape Measures
Calipers, All types Inspection Radius Gages Telescoping Gage
CMM Lapping Anvils Ring Gage Test Indicators
Crimpers Large Knee (Angle Plate) Riser Block Thickness Gages
Depth Micrometer Laser Micrometer Std. Rotary Tables Thread Plug Gages
Dial Indicators Levels & Protractors Rule Thread Ring Gages
Dimensional Tape Micrometer Standards Scale Thread Wires
Electronic Gage Microscopes Scale Glass Toolmaker's Microscope
End Rods/Length Stds. Optical Comparators Screw Pitch Gage V-Blocks
Wire Gage   Yard Counter (Cablemeter)  


AAT Software Cad work Calypso Software Capability studies
Creating a tool path off file scans First Article inspection Reverse Engineering Scanning/Digitizing in 2D and 3D

Coord3 Ares CMM

The Coord3 Ares is made of space age material and has a measuring envelope of 40" X 27.5" X 19.5" . Coord3 offers two kinds of software outputs: the Winmeil software for conventional inspection and the AAT Capps and Edges software, which is designed for engineering needs. It is capable of scanning and digitizing as well as being programmed from your CAD files. It also allows you to compare part features to actual CAD files, and gives you the ability to create IGES files for easy transfer of data to your CAD system.

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Zeiss Eclipse

The Zeiss Eclipse has a measuring envelope of 28X40X22 and ST Probe head. The Piezo electric sensor allows for accuracy unparalleled in the industry. The Eclipse's software allows for 2D and 3D scanning as well as collection of statistical data, with full SPC feedback.

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Micro-Vu Video CMM

The Micro-Vu Video CMM is capable of inspecting parts where a touch probe may not be practical. It features complete CMM capability and offers DXF file out to interface with your CAD system.

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OKM ACCURE Vision System

ACCURE is a modular series of coordinate measuring instruments satisfying the highest demands on precision and accuracy while also affording flexible automation.

With ACCURE, OKM continues the notable tradition of optical coordinate measuring equipment made in Jena. Featuring Carl Zeiss technology, high quality and innovative design, our products are bound to be successes - for the manufacturer as well as for the user.

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OKM UNI-VIS Vision System

UNI-VIS is a family of measuring machines of modular design. The concept allows optimum, cost-effective solutions for every requirement - machine configurations can be tailored to specific applications with regard to measurement volume, accuracy, accessories and measurement methods. By retrofitting, the machine easily adapts to new measuring jobs

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WESTport Manufactured Products. 24th Anniversary Servicing Industry Worldwide (1989-2013)