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6 Industrial Uses for Thread Plug Gages

Although thread plug gages have been around for years, they're still used just as much as they were when they were first created. Many companies rely on thread plug gages to ensure their products' parts and components fit the correct specifications.

The specific function of a thread plug gage is to verify the pitch diameter and major diameter of all threaded parts. They determine whether each part can be assembled on the product, and they ultimately contribute to the safety and quality of the overall product.

Thread plug gages are used throughout the world in a variety of different industries, such as the ones listed below.

1. Aerospace

Aerospace vehicles are composed of threaded parts that must fit together precisely and exactly. Employees use thread plug gages to test that each piece of equipment meets the expected measurements. If it does, then the piece will fit in the overall product.

ANPT thread plug gages are a specific kind of thread plug gage that's common in the aerospace industry. They're used to test plugs, fittings, and pipes in various aeronautical components.

2. Auto

Most auto manufacturers order parts from other companies and then assemble them at their facility. They save money by outsourcing a lot of the manufacturing. However, because these corporations don't manufacture the parts in their own factory, they need to make sure these parts meet exact specifications.

Thread plug gages help auto manufacturers check for these dimensions. Employees use thread plug gages to measure the components from other vendors. They test each part to ensure it fits the vehicle.

3. Firearms

The firearm industry uses thread plug gages to test the various components of any firearm. One of the components they need to check is called the headspace. The headspace is the distance from the bolt or breech face to a point within the chamber forward of the breech.

Ensuring the headspace is correct is crucial to ensure customers purchase a safe gun. Inadequate or excessive headspace could lead to problems like:

  • Misfiring
  • Inability to fire
  • Inaccurate firing
  • Damage to locking system
  • Inability for action to close
  • Ruptured case
  • Separated head from case

Measuring the headspace with a thread plug gage tells manufacturers whether the gun is safe for purchase or whether it needs repairs or adjustments.

4. Medical Technology

Many types of medical technology, including orthopedics and implants, contain holes. These holes need to be a certain diameter for other components to fit properly.

Medical technology manufacturers use thread plug gages to test the diameter of each hole. This process helps them assemble a solid final product.

5. Plastics

Plastic containers and many other kinds of plastic products require the use of thread plug gages.

Some companies use other instruments to measure threaded holes, including multi-sensor systems and profile projectors. However, thread plug gages are more affordable, easier to use, and just as accurate. Employees who use them do not need a scientific background or hours of training. Plus, thread plug gages are small and easily transported throughout the factory.

6. Watches and Other Mechanisms

Thread plug gages are also used to measure the various components of miniature mechanisms like watches. Like the products themselves, thread plug gages for these products need to be both miniature and precise. Unified Miniature Screw Thread Plug Gages is a specific range of gages used for watches, instruments, and other small mechanisms.

Thread plug gages are available in many different sizes and varieties. Each day, they serve businesses throughout the world.

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